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iOS 7 and the Future of the Jailbreak.

With yesterday's iOS 7 announcement at Apple's WWDC (World Wide Developer's Conference) the Jailbreak world is abuzz with the newly added features. For as long as I've been using the iPhone, back in the days of the 3G, I've been jailbreaking my device to add in some much needed features and abilities that didn't come standard on the phone. For the first time in the last 4 years Apple has given me a reason to actually want to use their standard iOS. 

Now, for those of you who know me, these are some bold words. I've not only been an avid jailbreaker but I've been writing my guide on how to do it for the past 4 years (see: ). Apple has finally taken the large leap they needed to in order to catch up to the Jailbreak community, that being said I still have plenty of reasons to continue to mod my device which I'll discuss below.

Notification Center:

The new notification center is a GREAT step in the right direction. Not only have they cleaned up the old interface but they have finally presented the information in a way that is much more clean and concise. I'm especially in love with the way the Calendar is displayed.

In comparison, we have the latest version of Intelliscreen X, my current notification center mod. Clearly iOS 7 wins when it comes to the aesthetics, but in terms of presentation of information I'm still in favor of the Jailbreak. I'm always in favor of receiving more information then less. The Intelliscreen layout allows you to view all relevant information without having to access different tabs. Of course, once iOS 7 is released the Intelliscreen is updated to support it, I'm sure the aesthetics will catch up as well.


This one is short and sweet. I don't know the full capability of the new revision of Siri so I'll have to go off what I saw. My current Siri enhancing jailbreak app is Assistant Enhancer. It has many abilities, like the ability to remember where you parked and enhanced device control. But most importantly is what is shown below. When performing an inquiry in Assistant Enhancer it doesn't point you in the right direction, it actually retrieves the information and presents it to you.

You don't have to jump through the secondary hoop of clicking the link Siri gives you, unlocking your device if it's locked, then searching through manually. As you can see, I performed the search directly to Urban Dictionary and Assistant Enhancer was still able to grab my results.

Control Center:

As much as I love my jailbreaks you can't win all the time. Apple's new Control Center is excellent. As I've said before, I would much rather have all of my information presented to me at once instead of being broken up. 

My current dock enhancer is ScrollingBoard. Scrolling board not only enhances my standard dock by allowing me to scroll across for multiple controls, but it also augments the windows left of the multitasking window when you double tap the home button. Apple's Control Center however wins in this instance. It takes all of the information that ScrollingBoard allows me to get and compiles it on a single, really sweet looking page.

I don't know about you guys but I'm extremely excited about iOS 7. And I'm super excited for when the first jailbreak is released for it. There are sure to be a ton of new jailbreak applications just waiting to exploit the great new software.

-Brian Layne


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